Smart Clean Plus

Smart Clean Plus

has carefully selected additives formulated to help be naturally resistant to food borne pathogens.

Smart Clean Plus meets the specifications and requirements for use in processing of foods as set forth by the former U.S. Department of Agriculture, poultry, meat, rabbit and egg products inspection programs.

Smart Clean Plus complies as a sanitizer cleaner for components in articles of contact in the processing plants to prepare them for storage and is non-toxic. It is an excellent product to be used with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) plans.

Use Smart Clean Plus as you would Harvest Clean, but use is more heavy duty, and harder to reach places that do not get thorough cleanings.

Performance Advantages
Smart Organics Smart Clean Plus has carefully selected additives formulated to help be naturally resistant to food borne pathogens. This product will not upset surfaces of any kind organic equipment or food and is hypoallergenic with all types of tissues. Our longer lasting formulas can meet your diverse use criteria. No volatility greatly reduces health risks when used.

  • An organic processing aid for sanitization, and multiple uses.
  • Cleans various surfaces: Stainless steel, Tile, and Porcelain.
  • Preservative control in food plants on non-organic food that is put in storage for 30-60 days.
  • Picks up hard to clean foods like dried on honey.
  • Use It in fog handlers in packing houses.
  • Excellent for commercial use
  • Non-toxic for cleaning surfaces.
  • Smart Clean Plus is a food under CFR 21 172.320A

Use Smart Clean Plus for organic milk tanks, and organic surface cleaning for a full effect. It is a penetrate so it will get into places others can not go.

Heart of Texas Biscuits, Inc. uses Smart Clean Plus for cleaning the dough and baking equipment. We like how easy it is to use with minimal amounts of water. We have no pathogen issues common in the baking industry.

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